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Pop Quiz: What IS Your Aim of Integration?

“Figuring out the best way to take into consideration the trouble.” Software integration is an issue. An issue that is huge. Not to mention information, B2B, and other realms of consolidation. As alternative architect and a business analyst, what I curious in first is the best way to consider the issue.

Which of these statements best articulates the aim of integration method?

By reaching coherent, successful business operations the aim of consolidation would be to enhance business results.
Most, but perhaps not all — and it’s the kinds framed that I curious in. Here’s the distinction:

A-fashion integration centres on technology. Business logic fractured across application silos and it starts with information, and after that inquires , can integration systems allow it to be more easy to stay with this wreck that is siloed?”
B-fashion integration facilities on business model. It starts with a perspective of well-oiled enterprise functions: stream lined procedures, trades that are consistent, incorporate tools for each person function, purposebuilt views of the like, and information. It models these first — that’s, it focuses on business plan — and then requests , can integration systems give lucid business functions to us despite our program silos?”